The Story: As a mom on a rollercoaster since my first child's arrival in 2018, I've weathered the challenges of corporate life, battled for sick days to care for my children, and grappled with pay inequality, expensive childcare, and the ever-present mental load. In this journey of self-discovery and development, I've dismantled blocks, silenced negative self-talk, and nurtured my inner child to find peace, joy, and balance. Authentic Mind is born out of my desire to share this transformative journey with fellow moms, to unite the incredible communities of Ireland, and to address the pressing issues of childcare, rallying us to confront challenges together when authorities fall short.

The Mission: Amidst the stresses of work, the delicate dance of spending quality time with our kids, and the frustration of witnessing countless families juggle and struggle, my mission is clear. It's about helping parents create mindful, supportive environments from early childhood, fostering resilience and flourishing. Authentic Mind aims to be a catalyst for change, not just by navigating personal challenges but by mobilizing our community to tackle broader issues like the lack of childcare and government indifference. Let's rise as a collective force, ensuring our children thrive in a less stressful world.

The Approach: At Authentic Mind, we adopt an approach that is anything but conventional. We raise our voices, question the status quo, and reject the notion that certain things must be done a certain way. It's about thinking outside the box, challenging norms, and taking collective action to make a meaningful impact. Our tone is not one of venting or complaining but of being role models—light, engaging, and fun, because even in the face of challenges, joy is a powerful force for change. Together, let's craft a narrative that breaks the mold and paves the way for a brighter, more balanced future


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