Hi I'm Jen and I am the founder of Birthing Rebels Hypnobirthing.


I have three children, Evelyn (5), Derek & Patrick (2) and we live and work in Dublin. I have a PhD in Chemistry and love all things nature. After giving birth the first time, I found myself confused, lost and disappointed in myself. Springing into breastfeeding was my coping strategy. Overcoming a traumatic birth and getting into an amazing rhythm of exclusive breastfeeding is what sparked my interest in hypnobirthing.


Fast forward to two years later and we are expecting again, only this time - with twins! I was immediately motivated to be more in control for my labour and birth. But I still had work to do, I needed to address my fears of birth. I thought that twins meant that I would give birth a certain way. But the best kept secret of hypnobirthing is that you have a choice! You can choose how and where you birth your baby. This information, along with learning about how my body worked and the physiology of birth was so empowering. My preparation for birth gave me the tools to give birth - undisturbed.


I want you to have a positive birth, however you define that. I want you to know everything about the science of birth, interventions, caesarean birth and pharmacological pain relief. Just as much as the power of self-hypnosis, mindset and comfort measures. I will be your mentor and facilitate the tough questions that you ask yourself and your partner. Putting in the work now will make it even more likely that you will cope in labour and birth.


Are you ready to let your inner rebel out?


I offer group childbirth preparation workshops in Dublin and online. I also provide 121 private bespoke workshops in your home. If you want to know more, I would love to chat. You can reach me on instagram or email below.


Jen x

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