A very warm welcome to Lingotot East Galway!

Our names are Vicky Pan and Wayne Griffin are we are so excited to bring Lingotot to the beautiful county of Galway and share our deep passion for languages with local children and their families. We have spent the last 10 years teaching English and Mandarin in China and have a young son who is now actively bilingual and who keeps on surprising us with his new language knowledge.

Wayne was born in the UK and moved to China in 2011 and began his teaching career as an ESL teacher in the school where I was teaching. He soon became a Senior Teacher, and this was soon followed by a promotion to Director of Studies, using his skills and experience to teach and manage the education team. He then became Centre Manager and set about learning more about managing a large team in China. He loves to speak Chinese, although our son is catching up fast and is close to overtaking him. Wayne loves to study and improve his business knowledge, gaining an MBA in business administration and strategic management.

As for me, I was born in Heilongjiang Province and studied English as my major in university. Many of my earlier classes were with Wayne and we soon developed a great partnership, both in the classroom and out. I cannot think of anywhere else that I would rather be than to be in the classroom teaching, it is my dream to observe children gain knowledge through my classes. Our son is already benefitting from having parents as educators and fortunately for him, he too shares our love of language learning.

Lingotot East Galway teaches languages online as well as in primary schools, pre-schools, and community venues. Our award-winning Lingotot language classes are fun and interactive with songs, games, stories, and crafts all designed to help children learn naturally, without them even realizing they are doing so.

We will begin to open face-to-face classes in September when we return from China (COVID permitting!), however, if you would like to try our free taster online Chinese Mandarin classes in June then please get in touch, we would be delighted to hear from you!

At the same time, if you would like us to contact your child's school or preschool directly to offer language classes, we'd love to hear from you also.

谢谢大家 xiè xiè dà jiā

xx Wayne, Vicky and Kaden

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