Maia offers child-led sensory-based classes in the North West of Ireland. There are a variety of carefully selected, open-ended play materials and sensory bases which the children can explore during their time at a Maia class. With open-ended play, everything is left to the child's imagination. There is no right or wrong way to play, allowing them to grow and develop whilst having fun.

⭐ The benefits of Sensory Play ⭐

Maia's sensory-based classes have been carefully designed to ensure children have fun while also supporting their development. Each week offers new and exciting set-ups for children and adults to look forward to.

Sensory-based play has many benefits for children, such as developing motor skills, problem-solving, concentration, building resilience, promoting creativity and much more.

⭐ Maia Sensory Classes ⭐

The class is one hour, and parents/caregivers stay for the class duration. The classes are child-led, meaning children choose where they want to play and can move around freely during the class.

Parents/adults are most welcome to join in the fun too, or sit back and observe their child's play and interactions.

⭐ Additional Services ⭐

Bespoke workshops for Primary Schools, Early Years or After-School Services, and private or corporate events.

Bespoke workshops for parents, caregivers or educators.


⭐ How Do I sign up? ⭐

Email Shannan:

DM Maia Purposeful Play on Facebook/Instagram



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