Join a Maia class in Sligo, Clare or in pop-up locations across the North-West of Ireland.

Discover a world of child-led play, learning and meaningful engagement for your little ones at Maia Purposeful Play. Our mission is to nurture curious minds and foster holistic development through child-led, interactive and carefully planned play experiences.

From sensory play to imaginative play and creative exploration, we offer a range of thoughtfully curated experiences that spark imagination, encourage critical thinking, and promote social skills. Our carefully designed activities are aimed at enhancing children's cognitive, emotional, and physical development while making every moment a memorable adventure.

There are a variety of carefully selected, open-ended play materials and sensory bases which the children can explore during their time at a Maia class. With open-ended play, everything is left to the child's imagination. There is no right or wrong way to play, allowing them to grow and develop whilst having fun and supporting their well-being.


 Additional Services 

  • Bespoke workshops for Primary Schools, Early Years or After-School Services, and private or corporate events.
  • Interactive training sessions for parents, caregiver or educators.


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