Specialised Online Individual and Couples Counselling to Support Women and Couples Experiencing Fertility Challenges, IVF, Loss, Pregnancy, Birth Trauma, Postnatal Challenges and Parenting Challenges.

Rebecca Reddin, a Chartered Psychologist with the Psychological Society of Ireland, has been working with women and families in this tender transition since 2009. As a Perinatal Psychologist and a Certified Perinatal Specialist (PMH-C) she has in depth training  and experience in supporting the transition to parenthood; from fertility to parenting; from hormones to identity changes; from losses to traumas. Rebecca has a wealth of knowledge and experience to support your journey; whether is is the normal messiness of your journey to parenthood or you are experiencing significant mental health challenges

When Should You Speak with a Perinatal Specialist?

Not enjoying activities you feel you should

Difficulty with self-care (eating, sleeping, support)

Feeling overwhelmed

Persistent fatigue, even with enough sleep

Doubts about your ability to be a parent

Impact of IVF or challenges with fertility

Feeling like it "shouldn't be this hard"

Pregnancy Loss and Grief

Not feeling good enough

Intense or traumatic birth experience

Persistent sadness or worry

Fear about your safety or the safety of your baby

Daily negative thoughts about yourself

Feeling hopeless

You need someone who will understand

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