Movement Wicklow, owned by Natasha Troy. A place where strength is not just physical, but a way of life. Our small, intimate gym is a haven for women looking to cultivate inner and outer power while fostering connections within our vibrant community.

For those new to strength training, our Thursday beginner classes provide a welcoming and supportive environment to learn the fundamentals and build confidence. And for our new moms, our innovative Movement Mum + Me class allows you to bring your non-walking baby along as you focus on rebuilding postnatal strength and bonding with your little one.


Join us at Movement Wicklow and become part of a supportive community dedicated to strength, connection, and empowerment.


At Movement Wicklow, we prioritize strength in all its forms - physical, mental, and emotional. Our small group strength training classes offer personalized attention and support as you work towards your fitness goals. Every Saturday, join us for heart-pumping circuit classes designed to challenge and invigorate you.

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