Becoming a mother is a time of profound personal transition, one the most significant times of realignment in a woman's life. This transition can have a major impact on our sense of identity, on our relationships with others, on our career, but more importantly, on how we treat ourselves.

Many new mothers can find themselves drowning under the weight of expectations, internalised from an ideal perception of motherhood that has been normalised in society throughout the course of our lives. When our reality does not match up to our expectations, we may find ourselves stuck in this middle zone of conflict and rather than carving out our own path, we try fit ourselves into this unrealistic ideal to continue life as 'normal' at the mercy of impossible standards.

Our purpose at Sparkback Consultancy is to provide a nurturing and restorative space for parents to recharge, to realign, and to ultimately reignite their personal and professional spark.

Sparkback Consultancy is led by Anne Morgan (A.F.Ps.S.I) who combines over a decade of experience at the helm of her own business with a Masters in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, a B.A in Psychology and Advanced Diplomas in Personal and Executive Coaching and Employment Law. Anne works exclusively as an Accredited Personal and Leadership Coach using an integrated coach - therapist approach.

Anne is an Associate Fellow of the Psychological Society of Ireland, a member of the BACP, and is an Accredited Coach Practitioner with the EMCC. She is registered and certified with the British Psychological Society for Psychometric Assessments and is fully insured.

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