Kindly shared with us by Aoife @occupationaltherapyabc @sensoryliving

This tennis ball activity is so simple and amazing for hand and finger strength!

This will help a child adapt a functional pencil grip and adequate finger movement for pencil control.

This activity also supports visual motor coordination.

1. Tennis ball
2. Pom poms
3. Sticker eyes

The wider you cut the slip the easier it is so you can grade the activity according to your kids ability.

Also, if a child can’t use the tennis ball to pick up the items, then they can just use their fingers to put the Pom poms, or any other small item, into the mouth. It is still promoting hand strength and grip.
Thanks so much Aoife @occupationaltherapyabc This is a fantastic idea!!

So much fun kids and so many benefits to it. Super fine motors skills fun!!

Aoife is an Occupational Therapist who shares so many amazing ideas for children over on her page. Her ideas are always so fun and easy to set up at home.

She also has an online shop Sensory Living which is packed with amazing products to promote children’s development and progression.


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