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Feb 13
‘Julian At The Wedding’ Written and Illustrated by Jessica Love

Can you even talk about books of Love without mentioning Julian?! This…

Feb 12
‘What Wondrous Shapes We Are’ Written, Illustrated and Published by Ashwin Chacko

A book that celebrates love and acceptance of people of all shapes, sizes and colours…

Feb 12
Painted Rock Love

There was a lot of love yesterday for the Fingerprint Hearts!! Hopefully lots of…

Feb 11
Chunky Chocolate and Pecan Granola

Rachel  @littlemuffinblog has very kindly shared her gorgeous granola recipe with us.…

Feb 11
Love You To Pieces

If children were in school, nearly every Preschooler and Infant would be making some…

Feb 10
Heart Printing

Thanks so much to Sive @youngcubbyclassroom for sharing this gorgeous Printing idea.…