Our Story

Our story began as many stories do .. it began with the two of us .. Gemma and Mark

Gemma was pregnant with our first baby and we weren’t too sure where to look for any information or tips about family life and newborns!

Once our first baby girl arrived Gemma wanted to do classes and found it so difficult to find out what was happening and where it was happening. Cue a lot of time spent on google .. many pages open on her mobile .. and missed groups because she couldn’t find the information.

The real ‘lightbulb’ moment came when she went back to work and was in conversation with some friends who were also first time moms. They had similar questions .. how do you find out about places to go and things to do with your baby?? The answer came back from one of the moms .. check the notice board in Supervalu! No offense Supervalu but it was 2014 and that was the best answer?! We knew then that there was most definitely a problem that needed solving .. for us and other families .. and we had just the idea to solve it …

And so The Family Edit was born.

We have had two more children since then, three in three years .. a boy and another little girl.

We’ve gone from being two to five and we love every moment of it. We love to share things we enjoy doing as a family, places we go to, books we read and so much more.

We have great plans for The Family Edit .. many dreams to turn into reality .. all stemming from family .. and for family.


*During our journey and on our website, no copyright infringement is intended. Photos are a mix of our own, other families and referenced images as best we can source. Please let us know if any image has been used in error and we will reference or remove as necessary. 

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