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Activity Advent Calendar

For the past two or three years we’ve made an Activity Advent

For the past two or three years we’ve made an Activity Advent Calendar for the kids and we’ve all adored it!

Somehow the time has come for it to start already tomorrow!! Had great plans of doing up little envelopes and doing a pretty display.. but then life happened, and that didn’t!!

But that doesn’t matter! The kids won’t notice! It’s the excitement and the anticipation of what’s to come that matters to them!

So we’re sitting down tonight to write some out (didn’t get to print them out and am too tired to write them all out tonight!! ) and these are some of the ideas from the past few years (taken out all the ones that won’t be happening this year .. Christmas Concert, Nativity Play, Carol Service, etc.

Possible Activities …
🎄Take down the Christmas Book Box and start the Advent Box
🎄Read the story of Christmas
🎄Sing some Christmas songs
🎄Look at old Christmas videos and photos
🎄Shop for a new Christmas Decoration
🎄Snuggle under a blanket and watch a Christmas film
🎄Put up the Christmas Decorations
🎄Have a fun family day out
🎄Write a letter to Santa
🎄Clean out toy box and donate to charity
🎄Have a Christmas Dance Party
🎄Have a Christmas bubble bath – songs and candles
🎄Family Treat Dinner tonight
🎄Go to Christmas Market
🎄Make Christmas cards for our family and friends
🎄Go for a winter walk / bike ride
🎄Have a Christmas Sleepover in the Sitting Room
🎄Play a family boardgame
🎄Read a Christmas book by candle light by the tree
🎄Go for a hot chocolate
🎄Go for a drive and find some Christmas lights
🎄A Christmas indoor picnic in front of the tree
🎄Make some Christmas cookies / buns
🎄Visit Santa!
🎄Open the Christmas Eve Box
🌟Have a very merry Christmas

Getting Christmassy even looking at that list!

Any other fun ideas / suggestions we could add to it?

Off to find pen and paper now!! Maybe even a Christmas sticker!

And remember, there’s nothing wrong with writing each one out the night before!! That’s us this year!!

*Image sourced from Pinterest

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