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Baby Essentials for First Few Months

I’m so delighted that I kept a Pregnancy Journal throughout all of

I’m so delighted that I kept a Pregnancy Journal throughout all of my pregnancies … I love having them to look back on (whenever I get the time to do that in the future!!!) and I also loved comparing the weeks of each pregnancy and seeing how I felt, how baby was moving differently each pregnancy, what was happening in our lives, etc.


My journal for First Born will always have something extra special … it holds the words, thoughts and voice of me before becoming a mom … me waiting eagerly to meet baby… me not really knowing at all what was ahead!! How could I?! As a mom-to-be it is all the unknown, no matter how much you know!


A close friend of mine is pregnant with her first baby and she has been asking me questions and what to get / not to get for baby. It can all be very overwhelming so I tried to think back on the main things that we used most in the first few months of baby’s life … (excluding nappies!)


@waterwipes because I wasn’t willing to take any chances of chemicals and nasties that are in some other brands.


Muslin cloths, such as @adenandanais are invaluable … serve as blankets, light swaddle, dribblers, burp cloth… and I’m sure there’s even more uses I’m forgetting!


@cocoonababy.au , a baby mattress which you can use from birth for the baby… can be put into Moses basket, your bed, beside you on couch for nap, anywhere really. We adored ours and if we ever went away for the night it most definitely came with us.


@bugaboostrollers We got the Cameleon 3 which can be changed from pram to buggy using the same base which is great from a storage perspective. Third baby in and it’s still doing an amazing job!


@weledauk cream products … for nappy cream, bath and oil … again, no chemicals and really gentle on their skin. A brand I wasn’t really aware of before baby and came to trust them so much. Still use their products for the kids on a daily basis.


So they’re some of our go-to baby products… the products that have helped to make our lives a little easier with each of our babies.


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