Baby Massage Classes – Benefits for Babies and Moms.

Caroline @babymassage.caroline is a Certified Infant Massage Instructor who runs very popular Baby Massage Classes in County Kildare.

Caroline tells us how the benefits of Baby Massage Classes are not just for the babies! ….

Becoming a new mam can feel so amazing and rewarding. You may have longed for that moment to have your baby in your arms. The love you feel, is love you have never felt before.

But also becoming a new mam can feel overwhelming and may feel lonely for some. You may feel nervous, and unsure of your new role. Your hormones are all over the place, you are getting little sleep, your body and mind are in recovery, you are responsible for this small little baby who needs you.

A baby massage class can be helpful to so many mams. Not only do they learn an amazing baby massage routine, and have beautiful bonding time with their baby.. But they can also form friendships. They can have honest chats with other mams, in a calm, non judgemental space.

Mams can provide advice, tips, support to each other as they share their motherhood journey. Some mams have older children, and are so helpful and encouraging to the new mams.

Mams have their own WhatsApp group, to chat away in and arrange to meet for coffee or walks, if they would like to.

Finding new mams to spend time with has been helpful to so many who felt a little lonely on their maternity leave.

Some friendships from baby massage can last a lifetime.

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