Beach days are the ones that I’ll always hold extra tight in my memories.

Adore these days with our babas.

The innocence, the giggles and the excitement!!

We like to go to the beach regardless of the weather, but sunny days like today are extra sweet!!

A neighbour was asking how I bring three smallies (we’ve 3 kids who are 5 and under) to the beach on my own!

Firstly, some people do or don’t do it for various reasons that may or not be their choice.

That said, there are a few things I do when I’m heading to the beach on my own with them:

– I usually pick a beach that we have all been to before so I’m aware of tides, water safety, etc.

– I also like to pick a beach where the walk is relatively short to the beach .. less distance to carry things, close if a quick escape is needed!!!

– I keep to a minimum what I bring. The last thing I want is to be hauling three kids and loads of bags! I usually have two bags .. one with the buckets, spades, balls,etc. This is easy for one of the kids to carry. The other bag has snacks (these are vital!), water (also vital!) blanket, towel and sun cream. And that’s all we bring.

– Food and water are key to success!!! As they are for most things with kids .. but tired, hungry and thirsty would not be a good combo with sand.

– And that’s probably the other thing .. when I’m on my own, I’ll always quit while I’m ahead!! If Mark is with us we could be at the beach for the entire day, but if I’m on my own I make sure to be headed back before nap time if we’re there since the morning.

– The final piece then, I always make sure to chat with the kids before we leave the car… like setting the expectations and reminding them of a few things e.g. I’m on my own so they always need to be able to see me / me see them when they’re climbing rocks,stay close when we’re in the water because I’ve to keep them all safe, etc. They are well used to going to the beach so a lot of this is second nature,but I still like to remind them!

Think that’s it!

It’s really just about having the fun and making memories…even if you go and everyone is miserable, you can always go back to the car and try another day!

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