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A Mom’s Breastfeeding Journey – Breastfeeding My Two Year Old

Sharon, mom of three, is Founder of Milk It Mama. She sells

Sharon, mom of three, is Founder of Milk It Mama. She sells unique gifts for breastfeeding moms, including clothing clips, jewellery, breast pads and lots more. Sharon is passionate about normalising and supporting breastfeeding. She has very kindly shared her experience of breastfeeding her two year old…..


There was once a time I wouldn’t dream of sharing this photo if I’m honest. I felt I had to hide that I was in other people’s words ‘STIlLL’ breastfeeding! I thought people would think it strange. But I know now that the more it is SEEN, the more it is normalised!

Evie was about 2 in this photo..she was boob mad from the moment she was born and was never fond of sleep or being away from me!

I remember this photo being taken…I remember being so tired and wondering if she would ever learn to sleep and how was I ever going to stop feeding? I never thought I would feed her as long as I had and I was becoming a little worn out and touched out at this point!

BUT she did learn to sleep herself and we did have a lovely, gentle end to our little BF adventure! She still loves to be close to me and we do get the odd visit to our bed during the night for cuddles and I will treasure every one because some night, that midnight visit could be the last one and I’ll miss her little hands wrapping around me.

If you’re struggling with a non sleeping baby or toddler, if you’re feeling claustrophobic from all the needing and feeding…know you’re not alone! But also know that it will get easier! I can’t tell you when, but gradually day by day and night by night your baba will get there and you’ll find yourself missing the very thing that used to cause you so much stress and exhaustion!

Isn’t motherhood a rollercoaster?!

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