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Car Wash Water Play

with Emma @lifewithtinyhumans @therapywithhumans Looking for things to do with your kids today??

with Emma @lifewithtinyhumans @therapywithhumans

Looking for things to do with your kids today?? This is an easy way to kill an hour and is always a big hit.

It’s basically painting cars and getting them messy in one basin, and cleaning them off and getting them shiny in a second basin.

Sometimes the simplest of things spark the most joy.

We just do it on the kitchen floor. I also taped down a big sheet of paper so they could drive the cars around in paint and then onto the paper to make paint tracks.

I’ve listed some of the things you can use below. Happy washing!

Soapy water
Toy cars
Masking tape (to tape the paper down)
Medicine syringes if you have some for squirting water!
Poster paint

If you’re not a lover of mess you can set up the two basins in the bathtub to keep the mess contained 😉

Thanks so much Emma @lifewithtinyhumans This type of activity is almost guaranteed to give you very happy kids!! This is so fun for them!

Might send them out to our own car to wash afterwards!! 

Emma is a Speech and Language Therapist. The full list of her services can be found on her website www.therapywithtinyhumans.com

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