Activities that you can adapt to various kids ages are always a winner! And when you get to reuse materials that you already have in the house that’s even better!

Empty cereal box, delivery boxes … any cardboard that you can have around the house can be reused to make the base to your mask. It’s then a case of gathering bits and pieces from around the house and letting the kids go wild with their imaginations. Bottle tops, wool, string, pipe cleaners, ribbons, toilet and kitchen paper tubes .. so many things you have around the house can be used to cut up and add to the masks. Paint and glue and you’re good to go!

For our younger ones, we would cut up the pieces and let them arrange and stick them themselves. If it’s just paper pieces they are adding, it’s great fun for them to rip up the pieces themselves. For older kids, it’s an excellent creative and fine motor skills activity to cut and arrange themselves.

With Halloween only around the corner, this is a great activity to get the creative juices going!


*Image from @minimadthings