These little guys make an appearance in our house every year!

We’ve been making them for the past three (?!) years and each year we pack away the new ones so we have them to add to the collection!

Similar to the Ghost Leaves last week, they’re really easy and the kids adore them!

🕷Cut toilet roll / kitchen roll to size (adult can do this for very young kids, older kids can try themselves.. doesn’t need to be perfect!)

🕷Paint black and leave to dry.

🕷Use tip of scissors to punch out two or three holes on either side (line up the holes on either side)

🕷 Put pipe cleaners through one side and out the other side.

🕷Add goggly eyes!

🕷Spider complete!

Ours love to dot them around the house, hang some from string and tie to window / ceiling, play with some of them in their game .. loads of fun with them!

And needless to say, they don’t all have to be black! Multicoloured spiders are fun too!!

*Image from Pinterest


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