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CHALKBOARDS … We had planned to make an outdoor chalkboard this year

CHALKBOARDS … We had planned to make an outdoor chalkboard this year but the job in the back garden is taking longer than planned so it will mostly likely be a next year job!! Still doesn’t stop us from looking and swooning!!

Our kids love to take out the bucket of big chalk and get creative on the driveway .. so there is absolutely no need for a chalkboard .. a path / wall / driveway does the job perfectly!

If it is something you’re interested in creating there are loads of ideas ..
🌿The lid of a sandpit painted with chalkboard paint is super … functional and creative!

🌿Painting a leftover piece of wood and attaching it to a wall or fence .. no need for a trim .. could even paint directly on to the wall or fence if needs be!

🌿 The sandpit / chalkboard combination is definitely one we’ll be considering next year .. will need to learn how to shape wood first so We can make it look that good!!

🌿 And for now .. this is what we’ll be doing… painting the top of logs using chalkboard paints .. how did we never think of that before?! So simple yet so effective!!

As always, let us know if you have a chalkboard outside and if you have any tips or pictures to share! Tag @thefamilyedit @thecraftymum.ie and use the hashtag #outdoorfunproject
All these gorgeous chalkboard ideas are from our Pinterst page. Please let us know if you created, or know who created, any of them.

**Images from Pinterest

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