It is never too early to introduce children to what charity means and where it begins.

It is never too early to show them that every sentiment, donation and help counts.

It is never too early to introduce the idea of, and importance of, helping others.

There are an abundance of amazing charities in Ireland. All deserving of people’s support.

We have chosen charities that we are personally involved with and charities that we personally donate to.

Charities that help families through all kinds of everything.

Charities that have family at their core.


Every Euro, Every Share, Every Show of Support Helps.

It has been a difficult year for Charities with many of their big fundraising events being cancelled.

If any of us can support them, in any small way, it will be of huge benefit to them.

Feel free to share any more Charities in the comments below. Awareness and Visibility of Charities is very important also.


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