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CHRISTMAS ACTIVITIES with @play_and_learn_ireland.🌟POM POMS PAINTING* You will need pom poms in different

with @play_and_learn_ireland
* You will need pom poms in different sizes and watercolour
* Dip pom pom in water and paint, then use it to make colourful baubles
Tip: I drew Christmas Tree with pencil to make it easir for kids.
* Cover your child’s palm with green paint. We used poster paint, but watercolour will do as fine.
* Let children copy their hands on paper in some sort of Christmas tree shape.
* Let paint dry, add star and string of lights. Kids can use their fingers to paint colourful lights ( or baby potato cut in half, pom poms, sponge brushes etc).
* You will need
1 glass of bicarbonate of soda,
1/2 glass of cornflour,
3/4 glass of water.
Mix it all together in pan, when all ingredients connect together heat it up, keep stirring it all the time. When you’ll get playdough consistency, take it out of pan, let it cool and kneed it. Use it for making cute ⛄ as ours.
*You will need card paper, and some wool. Draw and cut out circle, then cut it in half ( paper plate cut in half would be also great for it). Roll semicircle in shape of cone and use glue or double sided tape to stick it together. Cover cone in glue ir double sided tape and attach wool or string to your cone.
* You will need cardboard, black marker and wide sticky tape.
* Draw you Christmas drawing using black marker, cover it all with sticky tape. Now you have christmas wipe clean boards that can be used with paints, marker, playdough etc.
* Use black marker to draw string for lights, I did it in shape of Christmas tree.
* Let kids add colourful lights using their fingers.
I hope you will find our ides helpful and you will get inspired in this Festive season.
Thank you Gemma for inviting us and giving us opportunity to share some, I hope, great ideas ❤

*Image courtesy of Marta @play_and_learn_ireland

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