Classic, Contemporary, Comedy and Cultural Christmas Book Selection!

with @triona_earlyyearsinsights

Christmas memories for me are dominated by books; being read to, curling up by the tree when I could read by myself and now reading to my own children. Books bring that first bit of Christmas magic and I hope some of them will bring the magic for you too.

🎄Classic: The Night Before Christmas – this is my all time favourite Christmas book which needs no introduction. We read this many times but make an extra special event of it each Christmas Eve.

🎄Contemporary: Ollie’s Christmas Reindeer by Nicola Killen – a beautiful and inviting book about a Christmas Eve adventure. @nicolakillendraws

🎄Comedy: The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas by Tom Fletcher – toilet humour isn’t for everyone but it provides lots of giggles here! And this book definitely delivers on the giggles as well as having a little lesson about being careful about what you ask Santa for! @tomfletcher

🎄Cultural: Walk This World at Christmastime by Debbie Powell – a new addition for us this year and a stunning book that depicts how Christmas is celebrated around the world. Each page just draws you in and is a beautiful way to introduce the variety of traditions to young children.

*Image courtesy of Tríona @triona_earlyyearsinsights


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