Clashganny, Co. Carlow

Clashganny in Co. Carlow is an ideal place for a family day out – particularly on a Sunday when you can go to Clashganny House Restaurant for their Sunday Lunch (fresh air and no dishes … perfect!!)

The walk brings you on forest roads, along the beautiful River Barrow with the gorgeous view of Clashganny Lock.

There are two main options for looped walks … The Clashganny Lock Loop is 3.5km – baby sling / carrier is the best choice to make it the whole way around.

The Clashganny Forest Looped Walk is the longer option, possibly more suitable with slightly older kids as the distance is longer, approximately 6km.

For a buggy walk, it is possible to walk along the river to Graiguenamagh or Borris – 3 wheel buggy or Out and About style works best as it is grassy with a track well worn in!

You can also swim in the Lock, where there are lifeguards throughout the Summer.

The whole area is so beautiful and provides a fantastic opportunity for families to get outside exploring and enjoying the great outdoors!


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