A rainy morning calls for a bright and cheerful activity!

This little cloud mobile is just that! Easy, sweet and full of cheer!

Few variations on how to make these, depending on what you have in the house …

To make the Cloud:
Option 1 ..
Cut a cloud shape out of cardboard

Option 2 ..
Cut two cloud shapes out of brown paper.
Hole punch (or can use pencil!) around the outside of the cloud and stitch them together with wool.
Before fully stitching in, you can add some scraps of paper or cotton balls to puff it out a little, give it a 3D element!

Colour / Paint the cloud .. on both sides if you want.

To make the Raindrops:
Cut out raindrop shapes from cardboard.
Colour or paint them (depending on how eager you are for mess or to be finished!!)
Punch a hole at the top of the raindrops.

To attach the Cloud and Raindrops:
Attach wool to the rain drop and tie to the cloud. (You will have to punch holes at the bottom of the cloud if you made it from cardboard)
Tie some wool to the top of the cloud so you can hang it!

And step back and admire your beauties!!

Just what we need to brighten up our playroom this morning!

An ideal activity when looking for something to brighten up a rainy morning!

*Image courtesy of Pinterest


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