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Coffee Dates!

COFFEE .. Coffee shops can play a big part in your life

COFFEE .. Coffee shops can play a big part in your life once a baby arrives! .
Whether you’re on your own with your little baby or whether you’re meeting your gang with toddlers in tow, finding a place that you all feel comfortable is so nice.

Not only is it important for the coffee to be good, but it needs to be family friendly .. from staff, to services, to space, to overall vibe .. it all helps to make the experience more relaxed and more enjoyable.

People have been sharing some of their #familyfriendlyireland coffee spots on our Stories. We’ve saved them to Coffee Shops Highlights and also saved to them the relevant County on Highlights.

Never underestimate the power of a good coffee date to recharge the emotional, mental and physical batteries 💕💕

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