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With this unexpected burst of sunshine, it feels like a real treat

With this unexpected burst of sunshine, it feels like a real treat to be outside adventuring. But even without the sunshine, it’s so nice to get outside with the kids .. and what better way than to spend your time gathering conkers! Heading into the woods or park and searching for them is such a gorgeous, easy way to spend a morning or afternoon.


Collecting them alone is plenty, but once you’ve gathered them, there are so many possibilities as to what you can do with them … starting of course with putting them in spots around the house to keep spiders away! (Is that actually a real thing or just something that people do?!!) … adult to put hole through the conkers and it’s great for kids to string them on … tie one to end of string to play ‘conkers’ … pattern making … printing … and the list goes on!!


A special thank you to @theupwardbird for this gorgeous picture … washing the conkers to shine them up is another fab activity to keep little hands and minds busy!

Happy hunting!



*Image from The Upward Bird

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