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We absolutely adore this week’s Friday Family Business Feature. It’s a small

We absolutely adore this week’s Friday Family Business Feature.

It’s a small family business, set up less than a year ago, by two Irish moms (@ruby.and.iand @thislittlewardrobe ) They started the business for the best reason .. they were looking for something and couldn’t find it .. so they created it themselves! Perfect!

Their online shop stocks a wide range of products to help families record memories .. so from pregnancy journals, to baby journals, to their really popular journals Letters To My Daughter, Letters To My Son, Letters to You (great for grandparents, foster parents, caters, etc) .. to their Open Me box which gives prompts for you to fill envelopes for your kids to read in the future .. all gorgeous ideas.

They have also done a very special collaboration with @needsnotwants.blog to create a very beautiful journal Words To My Baby Above .. a precious place to store letters, thoughts and feelings for your baby that is no longer here… ‘a way to help you feel the connection between you and your bright little star or stars in the sky’ 💕

We are quite (a lot!!) a sentimental family and love to record our memories. We had always thought that it would be when the kids are older that it would be lovely to have but it’s even now that they’re great … I loved comparing my different pregnancies in all my journals and seeing how I felt at the same stage during different pregnancies .. I love looking at my older girl‘s baby journal and seeing how similar she is to our baby girl .. I love writing letters to my kids for them to have when they’re older .. I love to write them at special times (starting playschool, night before their birthdays .. ) and also at times when I feel there’s something important I want to tell them and feel it’s a message they’ll appreciate when they’re older.

Recording family memories is such a gorgeous way to treasure and remember the big moments but also the little moments that do go by so so quickly.

Pip and Ruby .. a very special family business .. helping families to share, store and treasure their most valuable moments and memories .

*Image our own – created from @pipandruby Instagram page

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