Family Business – Scamp and Dude

We hadn’t planned on doing a #fridayfamilybusinessfeature this week but that all changed in the last few minutes! Scamp and Dude epitomise all that is good about a family business … they started from a genuine place, a place of talent, a place of inspiration, a place of strength, a place of creativity .. and most importantly , a place of wanting to make a little difference .. a difference, in their own way.


Check out their page [ @scampanddude] to read their full story and get the full passion and love behind their product …. but essentially their story began in a time of worry, when mom Jo had a health scare and had to spend some time in hospital. This planted the seed of strength, love, passion and integrity that has grown to become an inspirational family business that is centred around the idea of giving kids a superpower button (their lightning bolt) at a time of need .. a time when they feel a little lonely .. a little scared .. or just in need of a little something (because let’s be real, we all need it from time to time … hence why they also do adult sizes!!)


They are a family brand that we have loved to follow and it is so heartening and inspiring to follow the journey of a family who follow their dreams .. a family who are courageous .. and are kind .. oh so kind.



*Images from their Instagram page @scampanddude