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With our first born, I always brought her upstairs to change her

With our first born, I always brought her upstairs to change her throughout the day. However, once baby two and then baby three came along .. that no longer made sense!!


I didn’t want the clutter of having a second changing unit so I got a basket instead and filled it with all the necessities… nappies, wipes, nappy cream, muslin cloths, change of clothes and a couple of teething toys for amusement! I keep the basket in the sitting room, with a changing mat hidden beside the couch!


This makes life so much easier … no rushing around looking for things (nightmare when you have two in nappies!!) and you can still keep an eye on the other two while changing one! It’s also easy to move around, can bring it up at night to restock it (again, happens a lot with two in nappies!!) and because it’s just a regular basket it stops your house looking like a crèche and can be reused for toys or books once the nappy stage is over (long time away for us yet!!)


Ours is an @ikeaie basket but @dunnesstores usually have a good selection and there are some really great small businesses doing beautiful ones, such as @wickerandweft (love theirs!!)


Right, best go and start using my basket now … duty calls!!



*Image our own .

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