Fatherhood – Every Version Matters

Fatherhood means many things to many people. It can even mean different things on different days, and look different on different days.

For some, it is something they wish for but it hasn’t happened for various reasons.

For others it is part of their norm, their day to day life.

For others it is a little more complicated, for all kinds of reasons.

For some it brings up difficult, raw emotions.

For others it is something they are still working out.

Fatherhood also looks different for different people.

For some is is grass cutting, long working week and dishwasher unloading. .

For others it is book reading, picture hanging and dinner making.

For others it is rare precious moments of togetherness when possible.

Fatherhood is a mix and match of all the above, at any given time.

Fatherhood is not just one day, today is just one day in a year.

A day that’s special for some and a day that’s lonesome for others.

Whatever today is for you .. and whatever fatherhood means to you .. your version matters.

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