Fota Wildlife Park, Carrigtwohill, Co. Cork

There are endless reasons as to why Fota Wildlife Park is considered

There are endless reasons as to why Fota Wildlife Park is considered to be a national treasure by those who have visited.

They have created an amazing space for animals and humans to enjoy .. together. This is the essence of what makes this park so special .. they have chosen many animals that can roam free, free to mix with other animals and free to mix with families. This creates an environment where walking alongside a kangaroo while a meerkat is over your head is all part of the norm!

While some of the animals are behind fences and gates, Fota do their utmost to create as authentic a space as possible for them, all the while helping to save endangered animals and contribute to breeding programmes.

From the moment you walk in the gate (pick up a map if you want – signposts and information boards throughout) and see those giraffes, zebras and ostriches, you know you are in for a great day .. and no matter how many times you go there you get a different experience each time.

The park has had major works done to it in the past few years which make the experience even greater.. from the cheetah run, to Asian Sanctuary, Tiger Forest to Lion Enclosure, Gibbon Island to the ducks and birds (bring lots of 50c for the seed dispenser!!) Tropical House and Monkey Island to the penguins, eagles and flamingos … and everything in between.

There are 3 main areas for food (the new Volcano Woodfired Pizza is amazing), lots of picnic spots, toilets, changing facilities, 3 playground areas, buggy friendly, wheelchair accessible (4 manual wheelchairs available, free of charge) a train to bring you around the park (small fee, wheelchair friendly, buggies to be folded), feeding times (keep an eye out for the schedule), seasonal arts and crafts in the Activities Tent, breeding programmes and green zones…. we could go on and on!

In essence, if you are from Cork or planning a trip to Cork with your family … then a visit to Fota Wildlife Park is a must! @fotawildlife

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