Gentle Tips for Starting School

STARTING SCHOOL .. Following on from yesterday’s book post, we had some lovely chats on DM about starting school, introduction afternoons, etc.

Lots of people finding it very emotional, a little nervy and wondering what to do / not to do.

Just a few things about the Induction morning / afternoon and we’ll chat about the first official day another time.

Both as a parent and a teacher who has taught Junior Infants before, one of the main things you can do for child, and yourself, is not overhype it or build it up too much. It’s a new experience for both parents and your child, so it can be better all round if there isn’t too much overwhelming emotions.

This can be easier said than done but a few simple things can help (keep in mind that all schools do the morning / afternoon slightly different, if the school does one) …

🌿Let them find their feet .. let them pick the toy they want to play with or the child they want to sit beside. They don’t need to sit beside your friend’s child or their friend from play school. Giving them space to find their own comfort is always a good option.

🌿While it is an exciting time and one you as a parent want to remember, having a phone / camera in their faces isn’t always the best option! Kids need their own space to absorb the experience without a camera hovering over them. If you need a picture, take it from a distance!

🌿Junior Infants is all about social skills and settling into a school community and the daily routines of school. They are not expected to read, write, say the alphabet, speak Japanese! And they most definitely aren’t expected to do that in their initial visit! It’s a chance for the kids, and parents, to see the classroom, get a general idea of the room and maybe the teacher they will have, help with any nerves and it gives the kids a visual of where they will come to for that first day in late August / early September.

🌿And one last thing .. let them wear whatever they are comfortable wearing that day! So what if they don’t want to wear the new dress or shirt you got them for the occasion! So what if they want to wear their Spider-Man T-shirt?! Most important thing is that they are happy.

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