Glencar Waterfall, Leitrim

Glencar Waterfall provides a lovely morning / afternoon family trip where you can immerse yourself in nature. Nothing better for kids’ sense of wonder and adventure!! A short walk along a forest path brings you to the beautiful waterfall … spectacular scenery and also, keep an eye on the way up for goats in the nearby farm!

There are steps to the top of the waterfall or a buggy / wheelchair access trail which finishes before the waterfall. If planning to go to the top with a baby, a sling / backpack would be needed.

For food, there is a tea shop by the car park and picnic areas … also, bathroom facilities and playground.

One thing of importance to note … dogs are not allowed up to the waterfall so if you are on holidays and bringing your furry friend, then maybe consider this before you go.

Overall, an easy, short trip out that all ages will love!


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