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Imaginative Play – Cardboard Box Wins Every Time

Yes, this is the kids playroom covered in boxes .. yes, this

Yes, this is the kids playroom covered in boxes .. yes, this is a picture of my kids’ having as much fun (if not more!) than they’ve ever had in the playroom .. yes, this is my kids learning to share and make do with a lot less than they’re used to while all their ‘stuff’ is packed for the new house .. yes, this is a picture of childhood at its best .. no need for materialistic things .. loving the fun and imaginative play without the distraction of all the ‘stuff’!

Our current house move has really opened our eyes to this … having less materialistic things around is giving our kids the space to play and be more inventive. .. has anyone else noticed this is their house?

This then opens up a whole other conversation .. how much is too much? How to stop lots more coming into the house for birthdays / occasions? How to encourage other types of gifts from family and friends rather than an endless stream of toys?

Some families do some great things that we will definitley consider:

  • €5 Gift Voucher rather than plastic gift at Birthday Parties

  • Money from family towards Yearly Membership for local Zoo or Animal Park

  • Experience gift rather than physical gift e.g. voucher for cinema, trip to children’s theatre

  • Gifts for the outdoors –
    shovel, spade, buckets, baskets, sand, raised beds, bulbs, birdhouse, wood to make mud kitchen, etc.

  • Money so kids can save it towards bigger present or treat for their friends or family!

  • Adopt an animal e.g. Donkey Sanctuary, Save the Elephants

Feel free to let us know any other ideas you have .. this is a hot topic!!

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