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Indoor Colour Scavenger Hunt

Kids always enjoy a good Colour Scavenger Hunt! Very little is needed

Kids always enjoy a good Colour Scavenger Hunt!

Very little is needed to set it up, so much so that our kids set it up themselves now!

You’ll need a page / card / back of cereal box (anything really!) and choose what colours you what to hunt for.

Colour the chosen ones onto the paper / card and off the kids go to find as many things around the house (can also do outside) in those colours.

There’s great scope for chat afterwards .. which one was difficult to find, texture of what they found, where they found the items, etc.

A really great option for a rainy day!

For older kids you can extend the activity a little and ask them to find a colour item that starts with a particular sound e.g. red things with the ‘s’ sound, green things starting with the ‘b’ sound, etc.

Lots of fun to be had!

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