Inspiration for The Family Edit

The inspiration for The Family Edit came once tiny feet appeared in

The inspiration for The Family Edit came once tiny feet appeared in our lives! Like many parents, we spent lots of time on Google, with lots of questions!


But many questions we had were tricky to find answers for …

  • Where can we find classes / activities to do with our little baby?
  • Where is a nice spot to go for a walk and have a coffee / treat afterwards?
  • Where can we stay for our first time away as a new family?


Lots of questions! But not so many answers … or answers that we would find in the middle of the night and then accidentally close the tab!!


And also, it was very difficult to sift through all the information. How did we know which article to trust? What if we got there and it wasn’t suitable for families?


So we knew pretty quickly that it needed to change. We needed to find trusted information … and fast!


That was when The Family Edit was born…

… Ireland’s Trusted Source to Discover the Best of Family Friendly Ireland.

… From Pregnancy to Primary School.

… From Classes and Activities to Day Trips and Staycations.

… And all Tried, Tested and Recommended by Families.


We’re so proud of how far we’ve come, yet we’re only just getting started!


Check out our website www.thefamilyedit.ie and be sure to let us know if you have any feedback or ideas you’d like to see included!

The Family Edit & Co. 

We’re privileged to have so many wonderful Families, Businesses and Experts share their passion and knowledge on so many topics of Family Life.

From Day Trips to Supports, Activities to Books and lots more! 

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