This is the biggie for the kids!!

The one that motivates the all important letter.

The one that creates the magic spark on Christmas Eve going to bed.

The one that makes the run extra fast down the stairs on Christmas morning!!!

It’s also the one that is gorgeous to pick out as parent / guardian / grandparent / relation / friend.

The one that you imagine them holding and treasuring for some time to come (or at least the day!!)

We are so lucky in Ireland to have an incredible range of shops making, creating and selling a wide range of toys, dolls, soft toys, wooden toys, etc.

Some of our absolute favourites, and favourites of many families on here ….

Including some very special dolls and soft toys …

And just to note, it’s not about spending loads or buying loads.

That one beautiful gift can mean so much .. to them .. and to you.


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