If children were in school, nearly every Preschooler and Infant would be making some variation of these cards or pictures!

– White Card / Paper
– Marker / Pencil to draw the heart and to write the cover message
– Pieces of coloured paper or crepe paper .. can stick to one colour, a mix of colours, colour scheme, lots of options!
– Glue

– Decide if you want it to be a card (fold it over) or a picture (leave open)
– You can have the small paper pieces pre-cut if you prefer. Or, it’s great fun and great for their fine motor skills to let the kids cut them up themselves, or for very young kids, they can tear up the pieces.
– Some kids might prefer to draw the heart shape and write the message themselves.
– Then it’s time to stick on the coloured paper.

And that’s it!

Easy, purposeful and cute!

Guaranteed fun for the kids. And guaranteed to be adored by whoever gets it!

And we bet some of you will see this on Preschool or Infant Remote Learning plans this week!!!


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