Maternal Wellbeing in Ireland

We all know the importance, value and necessity in looking after moms

We all know the importance, value and necessity in looking after moms … before, during and after birth. And for many years to come. Maternal Wellbeing is hugely important and an area that we owe it to moms to pay attention to and to support.

This is an area that is incredibly important to us, and one we felt very strongly about having on our website. From the beginning, it was vital to us that we shared various Supports and Services to help moms at various stages of their motherhood journey. Supports and Services to help moms navigate the various aspects and elements of daily family life, and their own wellbeing.

In Ireland, we have a wonderful selection of passionate and dedicated businesses, who ensure that Maternal Health in Ireland is treated with the importance and care it deserves.

We are very proud to list some of these wonderful businesses on our website, and we are always looking to add to it. If there is a Support or Service that you as a mom have found beneficial for your overall wellbeing, please let us know and we’ll invite them on to join the other businesses.

A sample of some of the business that moms have felt helped them personally or from the wider family perspective…

Anne is passionate about nurturing, empowering and supporting women and helping them to navigate all the transitions that a baby and family life can bring.


Aoife is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist and is passionate about helping people live their lives in the most fulfilling way possible, and in helping them understand their emotions.


Maria is a Midwide and Practitioner in Birth Trauma Resolution who supports women in the postnatal period, helping with an increase in their confidence, relationships, how they relate to their baby and community.


Tracey created a Fitness and Pilates Business which supports women physically, emotionally and mentally throughout all stages of motherhood, from pregnancy, through the postpartum period and beyond.


Psychotheraists, Play Therapists and Former Teachers, they have come together to create a One Day Parenting Event : EMPOWER. Empowering for moms, parents and the family in general.


As a Lactation Consultant, Antenatal Teacher, VBAC and Breastfeeding Preparation Specialist, Niamh helps moms to feel informed and open to the benefits of help and support.


As provider of Ireland’s only Hiking Psychotherapy Practice, Cara combines all the elements of traditional counselling and psychotherapy with the amazing depression and anxiety mitigating benefits of being outdoors.


Ceara and Eleanor are Postnatal Doulas providing home care after birth, helping moms transition into motherhood.

The Family Edit & Co. 

We’re privileged to have so many wonderful Families, Businesses and Experts share their passion and knowledge on so many topics of Family Life.

From Day Trips to Supports, Activities to Books and lots more! 

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