Laundry is the priority sometimes … and let’s be honest, it’s priority lots of times when you’ve smallies (and guessing it doesn’t stop as they get older!!

But it’s also a priority to take some time for ourselves too .. whether that’s watching a show, heading out for a jog, a phone catch up, a walk, a bath, some candles and sitting in peace .. whatever it may be!
.As long as it’s some time just for us ourselves, no matter how short the time, it always feels really nice.

For me tonight, it’s early (ish!) to bed and reading more of my book ‘The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes’ by Anna McPartlin @mcpartlin.anna One of the reviews on the book says ‘I laughed, I cried, I fell in love with this book’ Pretty accurate!

Pjs on .. book out .. happy mom!

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