Monthly Favourites – May

Last month was my turn to start our Monthly Favourites and then

Last month was my turn to start our Monthly Favourites and then hubbie was due to write his at the end of the month … but apparently he needs a deferral of a month!!! So, it’s back to me again!!


By far the thing I have been loving most this month is a new pair of jeans from @newlook, the Hallie Disco jean. They are a great fit, a gorgeous blue denim colour that matches with everything and nice rips at the knees. They are my first pair of jeans from @newlook and are now my go to jeans! If you’re looking to buy a new pair (hard to imagine in this heat!) I’d definitely recommend trying them out.


Mentioning hot weather, it has been glorious here the past few weeks and I’ve been using muslin squares non-stop … light layer over baby in her buggy, tied around her neck as a bib, on the ground for her to roll on the grass, wipe her mouth … and I’m sure I’m even forgetting some of the uses! I literally don’t leave the house without one! The one in the picture is an @adenandanais one that we have since First Born was a newborn, so that’s nearly 4 years ago and it’s still perfect!


Lots of outside play / trips in the sun last month … hurley and kids soft sliotar were very popular with First and Second Born (great for out the back and easy to throw in the boot) … this @magsy24 make up bag, which is made from gorgeous Liberty fabric, has been fantastic for filling with little bits and pieces to entertain them when we’re off out enjoying the sunshine (fits dinky cars, raisin boxes, teething toy .. one little bag can fit few bits for each of the 3 kids… very handy to pop in the car or nappy bag)


This non-toxic wooden @littlesaplingtoysgiraffe teething toy has been spending time in the fridge and then providing relief to Baby Girl who is very busy helping her teeth come through!


Finally… this little pair of bloomers are the most gorgeous thing our baby owns! I bought them from @bloomin_graceful who I came across my first week or so on Instagram. She is a mom who set up her little business quite recently and it has been going from strength to strength. Not only are her pieces divine, but you’re also getting to support a small, growing, passion business! Perfect!



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