Motherhood – My Year of Firsts and Lasts

And just like that, our Baby Girl turned one. And it really does feel it happened that way .. just like that .. just like that we went from having a tiny little newborn who arrived in a slightly more complicated than expected way … to just like that … a one year old girl, our Baby Girl .. who really is now more girl, less baby.


And like our other babies we’ve had our first year of firsts .. but unlike our other two babies, we’ve also had our first year of lasts .. the last time we’ll experience that indescribable feeling of meeting your baby for the first time … the last time we’ll see our babies meet each other for the first time .. the last time we’ll bring our new baby home for the first time .. the last time .. the last time for so many of the firsts that make up a baby’s first year.


And it has caught me off guard. It has taken my breath away when I realise that I won’t get to experience the wonder (and work!) that is the newborn bubble and the year of firsts .. the wonder (and work!) that is helping your little baby grow into a little person .. it’s gone .. just like that.


And while there is such a lovely feeling of contentment from having our little family together .. our complete family .. our last baby who made us complete … there is a little sadness that we say goodbye to that stage .. .


It has caught me off guard and I am a little emotional about the end of the year of the firsts and the lasts .. and putting her to sleep tonight felt like I was also putting a part of our lives to sleep .. the ‘baby’ baby stage is now for the memory books .. and while when you’re in it, it seems like it will last forever .. (and some days / nights do seem to go on and on) … there are moments like right now, moments like this when it really does feel like time slips away too quickly.

And while time waits for no one, I just find myself wishing that it would .. just slow a little please.. my emotions need just a moment to catch up xxx



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