Motherhood : Unedited – All Doing Our Best!

Wise words as always from Aisling @soulfullyaisling …. For any mom who thinks all

Wise words as always from Aisling @soulfullyaisling ….

For any mom who thinks all the other moms have it ‘sorted’ or look to be on it all the time … Nope!!

“Just wanna clarify a thing or two. No one has their shit together, all of the time! Some people like me, only have those brief moments where they feel ahhhhhhhh yeah I’ve got this. (Tends to be after the cleaner has been here, either a decent sleep has happened or copious amounts of coffee have been consumed. I have a full shop in, and dinner and or lunch is prepped….those stars align once every few weeks ). And then there’s that moment when all the kids are actually being nice at the same time. I LOVE those moments!

I have three children whose apparent goal in life currently is ignoring me, and they are doing it with their best poker face! Unless I am one on one with them..then they are angels. So basically I need to clone myself or get an au pair! .

Nathan makes dinner time stressful everyday! He likes no cooked food anymore apparently. No soup, not even pasta, maybe chips 😭 it’s driving me crazy!

I have a teen who cannot tidy up ANYwhere properly! Like walking by her room gives me anxiety. 😱

The 3 & 5 year old come in almost every night, sometimes multiple times!! Baby Alba is without a doubt my ‘best’ sleeper to date. After 5 years of little sleep, I’m TERRIFIED they are going to change her 😂🤷‍♀️😭

The 5 year old is soooooo incredibly intense with Alba…she just insists on doing “face on face time” with her. Yeah, it’s a thing. .

Sometimes I take deep breaths and rise above the chaos, sometimes I loose my cool,
sometimes I hide out and eat chocolate! I’m human 🤷‍♀️ …….but yeah, no ones got their shit together all of the time! And insta is a big fat liar…just sayin’ “

Thanks so much for sharing Aisling. We all need to hear and be reminded of this. 💕💕

*Image from Aisling’s Instagam @soulfullyaisling

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