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Motherhood : Unedited – Nighttime Routine

MOTHERHOOD: UNEDITED Following on from @kimgraylifestyle fantastic tips for life with triplets,she has now


Following on from @kimgraylifestyle fantastic tips for life with triplets,
she has now very kindly shared her night routine.

Different ideas work in different families but it’s always great to hear how other families do it! …

“After a single baby that kept us awake and very anxious, we knew having triplets needed to work very differently. Perhaps having 3 at once one is able, or forced, to disconnect a little more. Not that you don’t love them as much, but walking out and letting them learn to self settle on their own was so much easier. There were nights they made it very difficult, when all 3 were screaming and the two of us battled. But it wasn’t the nightly vomiting to get your attention like the first time round 🤪 leading us to sit for up to 2 hrs some nights until he fell asleep.

This time there was no napping in cars, strollers, coffee shops or on human bodies. The routine was rigid, the first year I saw not much but my own white walls.But now I am 🙌 (sleeping!!)

Night time routine:
1.) Eat 4:30/5
2.) Upstairs straight into cots (after being stripped to vests)
3.) Bath ( not everynight but need to up that! 😬) 4.) Lavender diffuser
5.) Relaxing music (stream calm music radio or ambient sleeping pill radio)
6.) They get books &/or soft toys in cots
7.) Milk bottle (We used to have 1 at a time on our laps but now they take on own in cots plus still alternate a cuddle)
8.) They get a 2nd bottle to make sure full!
9.) One person puts them down! Other family members say good night but 1 person puts them down so room is calm and not a train station.
10.) They never leave room again- stay in cots
11.) They have a dummy, sleeping bag & blankets that are all bed time triggers or comfort items.
12.) We kiss good night, hugs, high fives- what ever it is to show we’re now leaving and walk out!
13.) There used to be protests and we’d go back for a cuddle but walk out again & repeat that. Now if there’s a protest we very easily know when it’s just “trying their luck” or distress.
14.) Asleep btwn 6-7.

I hope this may be useful to someone! It’s amazing how different two experiences can be.Xx”

Thanks as always Kim 💕

*Image from Kim’s Instagram @kimgraylifestyle

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