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Mothering moments can be fleeting. While others can feel they last a

Mothering moments can be fleeting.

While others can feel they last a very long time!

But it’s always these little moments … the walk on the beach, the cuddles on the couch, the books before bed, the hand held from school … these little moments.

Those moments all too quickly become a memory that’s shown up as two years ago or nine months ago and you think … wait, was that not last month? How was that three years ago? How have we moved passed so many stages when our babies have only just arrived?

This time of year always tends to bring around a sense of seeing how much bigger they’ve gotten since the previous Spring / Summer … how much taller they look, how much faster they can run, how much more independent they are.

All these are wonderful things and an absolute joy and privilege to see.

But there’s always that part of your heart that wonders how … how does time go so fast? How does time feel a little overwhelming at times and we need it to slow a little to give us a tiny moment to take a breath?

Because it’s all wonderful but it’s all emotional too.

All of it.

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