We all have different things going on right now and ‘me’ and

We all have different things going on right now and ‘me’ and caring for ‘me’ can mean different things for different people.

A new month and new season brings a feeling of hope and renewed energy to focus on ourselves.

‘Me’ doesn’t always equate to time alone because that’s not always possible.

‘Me’ for me equates to doing a few simple things, some more time-consuming than others and some that can be done at any time….

Writing plans, dreams and to-do lists. I love to organise things and love to make lists! My all time favourites for stationery are @badlymadebooks (www.badlymadebooks.com) and also adore @leanundesigns (www.leanun.ie) and @pippacollection (www.pippacollection.com)

A walk outside, even if only for a short while. This is so rejuvenating but can seem a little too much like work to get out the door sometimes, especially if you’ve had a new baby. Saw @courtneysmithstyle saying this morning that she went for a walk on the beach with her coat over her pjs .. perfect. All that matters is getting out. Erase the ‘effort’ part, throw on the coat and head out!

Reading is one of my all time favourites for ‘me’. Since I was a child falling asleep surrounded by books, it has brought me such comfort and inspiration. Some recent reads I’ve really enjoyed ..

-The Glorious Guinness Girls’ by Emily Hourican ( Historical Fiction)

-Make Life Beautiful by Shea and Sud McGee @studiomcgee (Incredibly inspiring .. may have read it twice since Christmas!!)

– The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman (described as cosy crime! Not my usual read but really enjoyed it!)

Music is such a simple way to do something for yourself, without needing to go anywhere. We bought a Bluetooth speaker a few years ago and it’s amazing. It can pump up the intensity for our kitchen disco or it can provide the most calming background for the rare bath I take!
Have mentioned it a few times but I recently discovered @joannekellyohara and her Playlists and it’s honestly like she did all the hard work and put some of my all time favourites into various lists.

Me is so important .. however the time looks or feels .. whether alone or with others .. me is always so important.

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