Nap Time – Coming to an End.

Up to this week, I had a little slice of golden time each day when the kids napped.

It was a little piece of time for me to do as I pleased! Lots of times it was spent cleaning up the morning debris, but it was also spent catching up with a friend, reading book or just pottering about with nothing else to think about but myself for a few minutes!!

And although it has been so so nice for me to have a little headspace each day, it also had to come to an end!

We always said that we wouldn’t stop naps just because the kids reached any particular age. I’m a big believer in doing what’s right for your own kids, in your own home.

Our eldest really liked her little nap and when normally busy with school life and activities, she needed it.

Over the past few weeks she’s been less tired and a little more chatty at bedtime!! We decided to try her with no nap as I felt this was as good a time as any… and she’s loving it!! As am I admittedly!

It gives me some gorgeous time with her where we can do what we feel like (within the house and garden!!)

More often than not it’s cuddles and books, or it’s drawing and writing notes together or little chats about bits and bobs!

Some days are extra good like today when Mark brought a coffee and a plate of rocky road treat and we sat on the porch and relished the yumminess and only having to share between two!! As you can see, it was devoured .. no saving pieces for the two napping!!

She’s off gardening with her dad now and I’m still sitting in the porch sipping on my coffee… once again, it’s the simple little things. .
And while I may not have my time to myself anymore, it’s actually really, really nice.

Although, maybe ask me again in a few weeks!! 

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