This week’s activity is from a page that’s a relatively new find for us.

@outdoorlearningeire has some gorgeous ideas for kids and some super ideas to get kids out and about having simple fun!

Nature Brushes are a great activity, kids love it and we’re very grateful to@outdoorlearningeire for sharing with us

“Get experimenting with textures and colours in nature by making paintbrushes from natural items.

Collect leaves and flowers and attach to sticks to make a paintbrush. .
I used twine to tie mine, but you can use wool or elastic bands too. .
Dip your nature brushes in paint and create your next masterpiece! .
You can also use pegs to hold the leaves or flowers to make your paintbrush”

Thanks so much @outdoorlearningeire We love doing Nature Brushes in our house but haven’t done them in awhile so it’s great to see them again!

Plus we have lots of bits that we can use after our Easter Wreath making earlier! 🌿🌿

*Image from Outdoor Learning Eire


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