A gorgeous way to celebrate Nature and Magic, Autumn and the impending spirit of Halloween!

As always, we like to keep the ideas as open and as simple as possible, so of course feel free to make your own amendments as suits your family best.

  • Collect some leaves and sticks when out and about on your next walk [For anyone looking for inspiration for new walks, check out all the local family friendly walks here] Also worth noting, that thicker, straighter sticks work the best!
  • Cut out star shapes on recycled cardboard or art card.
  • Make leaf confetti by scrunching up Autumn leaves – this is a fun activity all on it’s own!
  • Glue the leaf confetti on to the star shape.
  • To attach the star to the twig, a glue gun works best, but you can always add tape / wool or whatever you have to ensure it stays on. This is not about it looking ‘perfect’, it’s about the process, the fun and imagination.

Be sure to tag us if you try them! This is Nature, Imagination and Magic at its very best!


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