It’s true what they say, Boys and their Mammies!!

But in our case, it’s also Boy and his Daddy, Boy and his Sisters, Boy and his Grannies, Boy and his Grandads, Boy and his Cousins, Boy and his Gran Aunt and Uncle … this boy! He is loved so so very much and he loves so so very much.

It is an absolute honour to watch him grow into the little person he’s becoming. Full of fun, friendships, play and love.

Our wish for our kids has always been the same … for them to be ‘happy, healthy and carefree.’ How lovely to witness the wish become a reality each day, and as the years pass along.

An absolute dreamboat is our Small Man!

Looking forward to celebrating him all weekend long!
(*and even happier that we had the foresight to book his friends party outside of the house! We knew that this weekend would be extra emotional as we deeply miss his gorgeous, gorgeous aunt and godmother, so we as parents have to do little things to help ourselves.)


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